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Raider Cody Podcast and Raider Nation Raised More Than…

On June 8th, Raider Cody and Kenny King Jr., creators of the Raider Cody Podcast, announced that they were raising funds for local Las Vegas non-profit, Greater Youth Sports Association (GYSA). The money raised will go to providing after-schools sports programming, reading mentorship and character development for at-risk elementary age children in Southern Nevada.

Raider Cody, who is viewed as a premier Raiders talk host and voice of Raiders fans, had been looking for a way to support the new Raiders community in Las Vegas, when he came across GYSA. After speaking with GYSA Co-Founder, Devonte Woodson, they decided to aim to raise $5,000 which would provide programming to one partner school and approximately 100 children.

Raider Nation wasted no time in supporting the cause and within several days had raised nearly $1,500. The goal of hitting $5,000 seemed likely considering the fundraiser was to run until July 4th (former Raiders Owner, Al Davis’ birthday). And reach the goal they did. Nearly two weeks before the end of the fundraiser, Cody announced that fans had raised $20,000! This will impact four partner schools and more than 400 at-risk children.  

Nearly two weeks before the end of the fundraiser, Cody announced that fans had raised $20,000!

This Friday, July 3rd, 2020 at 10 a.m. the Raider Cody podcast will be live in Las Vegas at Stage Door Casino, where they will present GYSA with the funds raised. The event is open to the public and will be a great way to introduce the Las Vegas community to the strength of Raider Nation.

WHAT: Live Raider Cody Podcast and Check Presentation to GYSA

WHERE: Stage Door Casino, 4000 Linq Ln, Las Vegas, NV 89109

WHEN: 10:00 a.m.

Donations can still be made at: www.raidercody.com/greateryouth 

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Raider Nation Already Giving to the Las Vegas Community

The Raiders have not yet played a game in their new home, but Raider Nation is already making an impact in the Las Vegas community by supporting local non-profit, Greater Youth Sports Association.

LAS VEGAS, Nevada. June 15, 2020. If you live in Las Vegas, Nevada, you can hardly miss the new stadium being constructed west of the strip for the Las Vegas Raiders. The city was thrown into a state of excitement in 2017 when the NFL officially approved the Raiders move from Oakland to Las Vegas and has been anxiously awaiting the team’s arrival. 

While the Raiders have not yet played in Las Vegas, Raider Nation has wasted no time in sharing their Silver and Black pride with the city. On June 8th, Raider Cody and Kenny King Jr., creators of the Raider Cody Podcast, announced they were partnering with local non-profit, Greater Youth Sports Association (GYSA), to raise much needed funds for their mission. So far, Raider Nation has come together to raise $1,500 towards the $5,000 goal and will continue to raise money until July 4th, Former Raiders Owner Al Davis’s Birthday. Raider Cody is viewed as a premier Raiders talk host and voice of Raiders fans. 

The money raised will go to providing after-school sports programming to at-risk elementary age children. Sadly, 7 out of 10 low-income children do not participate in sports, often due to cost. GYSA, believes that all children deserve an opportunity to play and have been working since 2017 to make sure this happens for children who need it the most. If met, the money raised can impact up to 120 elementary-age children and give them the opportunity to play sports including flag football, basketball and soccer right at their school! GYSA does not only offer affordable elementary school sports but also weekly reading mentorship, a comprehensive SEL curriculum, and character development workshops. 

So, even though we haven’t yet seen the Raiders run through the tunnel at Allegiant Stadium, we have certainly felt their presence in our city, and are more excited than ever to truly become a part of #RaiderNation. 

To join Raider Cody in his goal of raising $5,000 please visit www.raidercody.com/greateryouth 

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250+ Attend GYSA Youth Development Seminar

Michael Waters, Mike Philogene and GYSA Founder Present To 250+ at GYSA Character & Awards Night

LAS VEGAS, Nevada. On November 15th, 2019 Greater Youth Sports Association, Inc. (GYSA) a 501(c)(3) non-profit, serving at-risk, elementary-age youth in Nevada, hosted its first Character and Awards Night of their 2019-2020 season. The event which was held at SLAM Academy featured speakers including Michael Waters of Phase 1 Sports; Motivational Speaker, Mike Philogene; and Devonte Woodson of GYSA.

The Character & Awards Night is a staple in GYSA’s premier program, the School Sports SolutionSM. These nights conclude each of GYSA’s three sports seasons and aim to teach student athletes important life lessons. GYSA Co-Founder Annalise Lullo explained “We believe we can use sports as a vessel to teach our athletes the importance of having good character and a sound education.”

Each speaker presented to the athletes and their parents about the importance of responsibility and taking ownership. The presentations were very interactive and got not only the students excited and involved but the parents and coaches as well. Devonte noted “there is so much good that comes out of this night. It gets the students thinking about their futures while simultaneously giving their parents tools to assist them in building successful lives”.

The next GYSA Character and Awards Night will take place following their 2020 Basketball season in February.

ABOUT GYSA: GYSA, which was founded in 2018, has accomplished much over its short life. Devonte and Annalise founded their non-profit because they believe that cost should never be the reason a child does not participate in sports. Sadly, this is the reality for 7 out of 10 low-income students. During their first year they impacted more than 700 students. This season they are on track to impact more than 1,200. However, Devonte and Annalise feel they’ve only scratched the surface with their impact. They hope to eventually impact more than 100,000 students each year.

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Another Impactful Year

Local NV Nonprofit Provides a Solution for Title-1 Elementary Schools

In 2017, the concept for Greater Youth Sports Association’s (GYSA) School Sports Solution program grew organically out of the desire to help one student. This student spent most of his time in the Principal’s office. He was angry, poised to distract others and altogether unengaged with his schooling. If you’re an educator or administrator you know this student… you’ve seen him/her before and the question you always ask yourself is “what can I do to motivate this child?”. 

That very question was the spark that ignited the School Sports Solution Flame. After, GYSA Founder, Devonte Woodson (then Elementary School Teacher) discovered this particular student went home each day after school and did “whatever he felt like” with his older brothers, he decided to host a soccer camp at his school. The camp brought in more than 100 students which was when Devonte realized that many children could benefit from inexpensive, after-school sports programming. 

Did you know that 7 out of 10 low-income children do not participate in organized sports? The two biggest reasons for this lack of participation are cost and transportation. GYSA is the solution to this problem.

After months of pilot programming and problem-solving, GYSA entered the 2019 school year partnered with 14 local, Title-1, elementary schools to provide them with after-school sports programming. The School Sports Solution program provides three sports seasons (Flag Football, Basketball and Soccer), reading mentorship and character development. 

From the inception of the School Sports Solution program to today, the GYSA team and families have seen some truly transformational stories. This program is much larger than sports and hopes to have a lasting impact on the lives of all students they serve. 

With their impact last Football Season the program is on-track to service 1200+ students this school year. But for the GYSA Founders this is just the tip of the iceberg. They hope to take the program to a national level and impact 100,000 students each school year.